23 December 2011

let nothing you dismay, part 2

I was passing through the Westfield Mall today to sneer at people who still had Christmas shopping to do when I overhead a youngish man saying, "With my sensibility, I would tend to get them joke gifts."

If phrases like "my sensibility" are part of your everyday vocabulary, you really aren't the sort of person who should be buying joke gifts.


Civic Center said...

I presume you're sneering at the phrase "my sensibility" but I'm not sure why somebody who would use that phrase shouldn't be buying joke gifts. They'd probably be bad at buying serious gifts, too. And in truth I despise the entire idea of joke gifts even worse than the use of "my sensibility," which would at least give me the giggles if overheard.

Merry effing Christmas, dude.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Actually, I wasn't sneering at the phrase at all. It's just that there seems (or seemed) to me to be one personality type that would speak of his sensibility and another very different personality type that would buy gag gifts, and I was surprised and amused to find what I thought were two very different types combined into one. A mild and passing amusement, probably not worth anyone else's time.

And a happy effing new year!