27 September 2021

Museum Monday 2021/39


detail of Virgin and Child (Madonna of the Book), seen at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, as part of the 2017 exhibit Botticelli and the Search for the Divine

20 September 2021

Museum Monday 2021/38


Bura Chochin no Inkyo Banashi (Tale of the Retired Street Lantern) by Ando Hiroshige, seen at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive in 2017

13 September 2021

10 September 2021

Friday Photo 2021/37


for the start of football season: a detail of the Douglas Tilden football sculpture on the campus of UC Berkeley

06 September 2021

Museum Monday 2021/36


detail of Henri Matisse's portrait of Sarah Stein, now at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art