31 August 2017

Haiku 2017/243

under hazy skies
long shadows of the dry grass
dead end of summer

30 August 2017

29 August 2017

Haiku 2017/241

a bird and a cloud
the bird flies off with a squawk
the cloud floats away

28 August 2017

Haiku 2017/240

there she sits again
solo in the restaurant
with her New Yorker

27 August 2017

Haiku 2017/239

those leaves turning brown:
is it the summer heat or
the approach of fall

26 August 2017

Haiku 2017/238

early morning heat
cats slip into the cool shade
the birds are silent

25 August 2017

24 August 2017

Haiku 2017/236

crowds milling about
confused and curious streets
clouds pass overhead

23 August 2017

22 August 2017

Haiku 2017/234

so close to a crow
I could count each feather's barbs
till he flew away

21 August 2017

20 August 2017

Haiku 2017/232

sitting in the sun
feeling the wind and the wine
waiting for darkness

19 August 2017

Haiku 2017/231

somewhere a song plays
that underscores your strange mood
whatever it is

18 August 2017

Haiku 2017/230

Friday afternoon
last worker in the office
staring straight ahead

Friday photo 2017/33

detail of The Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth Regiment by Augustus Saint-Gaudens on Boston Common, June 2017

17 August 2017

Haiku 2017/229

have I really seen
these things I walk past each day?
how strange it all is

16 August 2017

Haiku 2017/228

pale fallen blossoms
already line the pathway
a bell tolls the time

15 August 2017

Haiku 2017/227

an empty glass vase
perched on a bare tabletop
holding only light

14 August 2017

Haiku 2017/226

the eyelids droop down
unattached thoughts wandering
the world vanishes

13 August 2017

Haiku 2017/225

turning on the stage
how much does the actor see
beyond the bright lights

12 August 2017

Haiku 2017/224

floating in the blue
we might be clouds or perhaps
reflections of clouds

11 August 2017

Haiku 2017/223

gravel lines the path
small brown birds scratch restlessly
sheltered by tall weeds

Friday photo 2017/32

at the Swan Boats, the Boston Public Garden, June 2017

10 August 2017

Haiku 2017/222

let the fog roll in,
let the evening breezes rise:
to hell with summer!

09 August 2017

Haiku 2017/221

it is the morning
but the moon is still glowing
in a soft grey sky

08 August 2017

Haiku 2017/220

yellowed by sunlight
summer grasses gently wave
in their golden death

07 August 2017

06 August 2017

Haiku 2017/218

standing in the shade
a single spindly weed-stalk
leaning to the sun

05 August 2017

Haiku 2017/217

zipping swiftly by
a skateboarder waves his thanks
as I step aside

04 August 2017

03 August 2017

Haiku 2017/215

Spring's tender seedlings
are now this tangle of vines
and overripe fruit

02 August 2017

Haiku 2017/214

sumptuous cities
glow and glitter beneath skies
blank and foreboding

01 August 2017

Haiku 2017/213

sumptuous sunsets
dapple the polluted skies
over tired cities