31 August 2020

Museum Monday 2020/35


a section of Ugo Rondinone's the world just makes me laugh, at the Berkeley Art Museum in the summer of 2017

24 August 2020

Museum Monday 2020/34


detail of a Wearing Blanket (Third-Phase Chief Blanket) by a Navajo (Diné) artist, now in the de Young Museum

21 August 2020

Friday Photo 2020/34


a statue from San Francisco's Panama-Pacific Exhibit of 1915, still in Golden Gate Park

17 August 2020

Museum Monday 2020/33


This is a detail of Flowers & Landscapes, painted by Yun Shouping in 1676; this is an illustration for the Qing Dynasty play The Peach Blossom Fan, and I saw it at the Berkeley Art Museum in March 2018, and I can't remember what exhibit it was in

03 August 2020

Museum Monday 2020/31

Lovers in a Garden, a stained-glass window from the Northern Netherlands, now in the Art Institute of Chicago (the hovering dragon does not seem to bode well for their love)