29 August 2016

Poem of the Week 2016/35

This computer thing is dragging on much longer than I was hoping it would. Soon, soon, I keep telling myself: soon. . . . Here's some more Sappho, once again translated by Mary Barnard:

And I said

I shall burn the
fat thigh-bones of
a white she-goat
on her altar


22 August 2016

Poem of the Week 2016/34

I have finally received the diagnosis on my computer, and the news is not good. Motherboard meltdown! So now I have to deal with the trouble and expense of getting a new one.

Sappho, translated by Mary Barnard:

It is clear now:

Neither honey nor
the honey bee is
to be mine again


15 August 2016

Poem of the Week 2016/33

Still no computer. I know, I know: how do I manage? Where do I get this incredible inner strength? Here's another Sappho fragment, once again in the Mary Barnard translation:

The gods bless you

May you sleep then
on some tender
girl friend's breast


08 August 2016

Poem of the Week 2016/32

Computer crisis continues. . . though I'm hopeful things will be up and running again soon. In the meantime, here's another fragment from Sappho as translated by Mary Barnard. Since I'm on a Chromebook borrowed from V, I let her pick the poem. And here it is:

If you will come

I shall put out
new pillows for
you to rest on


Nice choice, Miss V!

01 August 2016

Poem of the Week 2016/31

The computer crisis continues, so once again I call on Sappho (in the Mary Barnard translation) for the weekly poem:

Many's the time

I've wished I, O
had luck like that