28 February 2013

March fun stuff etc addendum: the Berkeley Symphony

When I prepared my March preview the other day, I swear I checked my Berkeley Symphony press release and it said their next concert was early April. So I was a little startled to get a press release today saying the concert is 28 March. I should point out I've been having a really terrible time (earlier than usual) with allergies, and they've affected my eyes more than usual. Which is why I started panicking that I was losing my ability to read for comprehension. But I double-checked my season-announcement press release, and it does say the concert is in April, so I guess the date was changed some time after that was sent out last May. There may have been an update since then that I missed, so perhaps I should remain worried about my ability to read for comprehension.

So here's the info:

The Berkeley Symphony, Thursday, 28 March, in Zellerbach Hall, featuring The Stars and the Roses, a world premiere commission song cycle by Steven Stucky, setting the poetry of former Cal Professor (among other things) Czeslaw Milosz. Tenor Noah Stewart is soloist, Joana Carneiro conducts. The other piece on the program is the Bruckner 4.

Check it out here.

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