29 November 2011

the awful truth

The Kardashians are one of those pop-culture things I know about mostly through parodies, though I do also get updates from the hilariously named "Scoop!" section of the SF Examiner (a right-wing rag which I see because it is literally handed to the commuter crowds as they exit the BART stations, and which I take because it is printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks, making it an excellent addition to the home compost pile). Anyway, yesterday's "Scoop!" quoted one of those inevitable "insiders" on the bitter fall-out from Kim Kardashian's brief marriage to someone named Kris Humphries:

"He tried to control Kim by bringing her down," said the source. "He would say
truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn't

The brute! I'm sure she's extremely talented at . . . whatever it is she does. Apparently the "insider" repeated this "truly terrible" remark without laughing.

The moral, which like most morals depends on where you're standing, is either that you should avoid your own blabbing "insiders" or that reality stars can't take too much reality.


Civic Center said...

I too love Scoop! in the Examiner. It sort of gives you the inside fascist skinny on who the current American celebrities are and what scandal we should be following.

The Kardashians and their messy weddings are like Oprah and her extra weight going up and down. In other words, they all simply need some material and in the case of the K's, it has to be their love lives. The only shock is that the latest marriage didn't prolong its melodrama further than a few weeks.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Such a cynical view of Kim's devotion and heartbreak! In other words, yes, I agree with you!

Scoop! has a delightfully narrow and bizarre view of what constitutes "celebrity" -- long after Lindsay Lohan has dropped from tragic to comic to pathetic to "is she still around?" she still makes regular appearances in Scoop! for violating parole yet again or something similar.