28 November 2009

Fourth Thursday in November

I can't claim credit for the rosemary rolls or the pain au levain, which are from Acme Bakery. T hoisted up the loaf and said, "That is artisan bread!" The apples are there mostly for color, because except for the cranberry chutney, this is a very brown meal. I didn't even take a picture of the oven-roasted potatoes, because some things are delicious but not necessarily photogenic.

The chutney in its little turkey dish.

Dressing, baked in my great-grandmother's Dutch oven. It's mostly bread, apples, pears, onions, garlic, and sage. And beer!

Heritage turkey from Praither Ranch.

The lighting is very yellow in this shot, even though I tried to fix it. Must be that dim glow from late afternoon in late November.

Coffee buttercrunch pie. Now on to Christmas.


Ms. Baker said...

I'm so glad I'm one of the very elite who got to taste the beautiful and delicious food. Thanks again for a wonderful meal.

Libby Fife said...

It does look wonderful but I agree that although some food is good, photographs of the food don't always work out.

I had a chuckle about your "brown meal". You should ask MVD about the "beige food" syndrome.

Shushu said...

I brought lovely Sweet P Cranberry Chutney to my Thanksgiving, although it wasn't in anything nearly as nice as a crystal turkey. Maybe Rubbermaid will make such a thing next year? I find that there are at least two speed limits for traveling holidays: the one you want/need because you're late, and the one that food in the front or back seat requires!