20 May 2009

Haiku 140

You left your free-trade
Sugar packets torn and tossed
All over the place


Shushu said...

This reminds me of Miss K in VT, who says that the movie theater is dirtiest and hardest to clean (not always the same, you know?) whenever there's an especially yogic movie that's playing . . .

vicmarcam said...

Perhaps it was the same person who parked the SUV with the Obama sticker in the bus zone.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

One thing I enjoy about blogging is getting reactions from things I think might not get a reaction at all. Having decided to write at least one haiku a day this year, I sometimes feel a little dried out but I want to avoid falling into the ever-present haiku trap of churning out another one about the fragile beauty of the cherry blossoms (not that I don't write those, especially since I'm prone to seeing the world that way anyway, but given the form and the history of the form, it's too much the easy way out). So I posted this one feeling a little uncertain. But I see you grasped my point beautifully.

To make the "free trade" irony even better, this was inspired by a trip to the Ferry Building, where (1) people supposedly care about and respect food, and (2) the maintenance staff is made up almost entirely of low-income Hispanics.

Sugar is a dirty business.

Libby Fife said...

I think these were the same folks who cut me off while driving their Prius.

Of course I like the cherry blossom haikus as much as the next person but it is the ordinary things that you seem to notice and write about that I like the best.