20 August 2012

Haiku 2012/233

smooth dawn slipped away
leaving me alone and lost
under garish noon


Sibyl said...

I'm so sorry: I am a little brain-dead this morning and originally read that last line as "under-nourished goon," and now I cannot stop giggling. Forgive me!

On an unrelated note, my daughter's school has changed from their old find out your homework website, Moodle, to a new one called, ahem, Haiku. I am having a horrible time not giving myself whiplash any time I hear, "oh, you should check on haiku." There's this instant of thinking, "what are the haiku up to that you must check on them?" And now I shall recede back under the lapping waters of my weird life.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I think I won't be able to think of that haiku in the same way again, but at least I'm giggling too. I thought of it at night, as sometimes happens, but I kept waking up and counting syllables and trying to make sure I wasn't forgetting the words (as also sometimes happens) so I barely slept. Then last night a neighboring dog started yapping at 4:00 AM and didn't let up until -- well, it was still going when I left at 6:40 AM. I will assume and hope someone has shot it by now. Let us all recede back under the waters.