15 February 2011

a forthcoming Brewer CD

Here's another exciting CD, coincidentally being released on March 8, the same day as Philharmonia Baroque's Lorraine Hunt Lieberson disc, so you can buy them both and get free shipping: Christine Brewer sings Echoes of Nightingales. A couple of years ago, in her recital at Berkeley, Brewer sang some of these songs: used as encores by such artists as Flagstad, Farrell, Traubel, and Steber, these are vaguely inspirational or sentimental songs, often drawing on religious or natural imagery. Once popular, these numbers are now rare enough so that a surviving example might be useful in placing the type: "Climb Every Mountain" from Sound of Music would have fit in with the set Brewer performed in Berkeley. She mentioned then that she was hoping to record a disc of these numbers one day, which I thought was a really charming idea, and I'm glad to see she has done so, so we can explore a forgotten musical by-way with her.

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