30 April 2009

Haiku 120

Lined up for coffee
The decaffeinated wait
Sullen and patient


John Marcher said...

I'm impressed you came up with a five syllable word that kept the theme, though I probably shouldn't be. I may write a villanelle in your honor.

Shushu said...

Did you ever see the documentary "Helvetica"? Admittedly, it's got a limited appeal, mainly for us type junkies and booklovers. One really funny scene is a typedesigner making fun of a sign that says either "coffee" or "caffeine" in the most sere Helvetica you can imagine.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Ambassador, I'm humble enough to settle for a quatrain.

Shushu, I've bumped Helvetica up in the queue -- it was #437. I love Netflix!