13 December 2008

all this have I done in care of thee

Back in the early days, I had to trudge through ten miles of snow to find a previous blog entry. Now all you need to do is check out the Label List just below the blog archives to the right. These things aren't an exact science and I may do some tweaking, but in case you ever wondered exactly how obsessive and repetitious I can be, here's your chance to do some research, since I've gone back to the beginning and slapped more or less accurate labels on everything.

I'm also trying out removing the "word verification," which I always find a bit annoying, in favor of moderating all comments. I'll see how that works.


vicmarcam said...

I love your categories. I had to find out what "in a green shade" meant. Very nice. I had no idea you wrote about Wagner that much. Wow. Anyway, now I won't have to search so hard for my favorites, which are often found in "audiences suck."
How long did it take you to tag everything? And what does random mean?

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I tried to make the categories broad. In a Green Shade (from the Marvell poem) originally was supposed to be for the occasional garden entry, but then I thought it could also work for any "natural world" entry.

I may remove some of the entries, particularly those for individual composers/playwrights. If I have Mozart, Wagner, and Verdi, why not Britten, Puccini, and Janacek? (Or maybe I will add individual names.)The Wagner count is particularly high because I put that label on all the Bayreuth entries as well as on entries about his operas.

And I have catchall categories for opera, symphonies, instrumentalists, and plays, but not for dance, so I may need to add that.

So I may tweak the labels, but I spent most of today doing this so I think I'll just work with it for a while and see what I end up with. The original plan was to spend an hour or so when I could labeling, but I didn't want partial labeling, and I fell into a groove with it, so I just kept on. I did it all today, interrupting myself to fold laundry and suchlike.

Random means -- well, you know what random means. It's a grab-bag, sort of miscellaneous, and there's also the sense in which people say, "that's random," meaning something is out of the blue, which is why I'm using random rather than "general" or "miscellaneous." Political comments, general comments, my little jokes, scenes of city life and suchlike -- those things are random. I should click on the category and see what I ended up putting there.