03 April 2008

my bosom swells with pride

A thoughtful friend with a suspicious amount of free time on her hands (may I just remind her, and you, that idle hands are the devil's workshop) informed me that after I posted my last entry, there was at least a twenty-four hour period in which googling "crack whore in the back alley" turned up your Reverberate Hills as the #1 destination, among all of the undoubtedly numerous mentions of crack whores and back alleys across the seedier districts of the Interwebs!

I felt a glow of pride and accomplishment, and this time it might even have been unironic.


Civic Center said...

That doesn't sound like idle hands, rather an informed readership with a prodigious curiosity.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I bow to your interpretation. Mine were the idle hands, or at least the idle mind. It was sort of a semi-private joke. You may all now freely resume googling all kinds of variations on "crack whore" with only benign smiles from me.

vicmarcam said...

Who could blame one for taking time after a long day of opening young minds to the wonders of science, to google "crack whores?" Apparently, SFMike understands the importance of research. And, you continue to be #1.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I'll bet the School Board has heard that one a time or two.
Are you saying that Science is the Devil's workshop? That would certainly explain cell phones.
Ah, one cannot blame one for research! It shows a certain amount of initiative. Extra credit points for you!
Glad to hear I continue to be #1. I did notice that if you google "back alley crack whore" rather than "crack whore back alley" I was at #2. #1 was a MySpace page. As they say, I did not go there, in any sense.