31 May 2007

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I've added John from uTopianTurtleTop and Rebecca from Music, Mayhem, and Miscellaneous to the blogroll, just for leaving comments. I was going to tell my little Marianne Moore anecdote in honor of the Utopian Turtletopper, but instead I'll just thank everyone who stops by. I realize that this blog is a bit of a hard sell, since I put lots of words here, often about shows people aren't going to see, and I don't even vary it with pictures of naked guys/gals/cats (though, believe me, I could get my hands on some cockapoo pictures that are so terrifyingly cute they are regulated in certain states). Bloggers usually say their primary audience is "friends and family," though to be honest we're all hoping to conquer the world, but in fact as far as I know only one person who actually knows me regularly reads my blog. This gets a little embarrassing, as I will ask friends if they've read the blog and it sounds as if I'm checking up on them but I'm really just trying to figure out if I can get away with quoting myself or if I need to come up with new material. Anyway, a very sincere thank you to everyone who stops by for a bit, whoever you are, and I'll be back after this weekend.


Rebecca M said...

Thank you kindly! Much obliged. And I have returned the favor, although I reckon the favor is bigger on your end (larger readership!)

Unknown said...

Not only do I stop by, I told all 1.2 of my readers that they should read your blog here.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Hey Brian, muchas gracias for the 1.2 readers -- I'll add you to the blogroll. I'm always flattered when actual musicians read me.