17 March 2007

Ruhe, ruhe, du Gott!

Amazon UK is urging me to buy The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Why? Because I bought (as they were released on Testament) the Keilberth Rheingold, Walkure, and Gotterdammerung. Oddly enough, Siegfried doesn't seem to count in this recommendation, even though that's where Wotan gets his spear broken.

In further incongruities, I was walking down Market Street this afternoon and was in the block filled with huge sex shops and many pictures of unrealistically mammaried women -- I realize that doesn't really narrow it down on Market -- when the loudspeakers overhead made an announcement I never expected to hear in that vicinity: "That was the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment." They were tuned to KDFC. Presumably the endless hours of instrumental music of the baroque and early classical periods would drive away the riffraff from the establishment. Everyone stay calm!

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