25 February 2007

Myself I shall adore, if I persist in gazing

Now that my job has been re-org'ed out of existence, I have much less time for checking in on my usual blogs -- if you've ever been an efficient worker in the average office, you know exactly what I'm talking about. So it had been a little while since I checked in on the blog of Joshua Kosman, the SF Chronicle's classical music reviewer. Imagine my surprise at getting a double ego-boost: first I guessed correctly the instrumentalist who denounced In C, which she claimed was by John Cage. Usually I can't even do anagrams, much less blind items, so I felt pretty in-the-know. And then I saw myself quoted on the joys of giving up on Johann Strauss. Thanks for the shout-out. I've updated the blogroll with On a Pacific Aisle. You can also find Kosman at sfgate.com, the Chronicle's website.

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