09 November 2006

The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

I’ve been out greeting as liberators the Democratic Party. Please, take more flowers and candy from a grateful nation!

Well, that’s assuming the Democratic Party has also regained its spine. I wish I felt more overjoyed by the election. Sure, I get that tingly feeling when I read of worldwide rejoicing that the American electorate has slowly roused itself enough to realize that maybe they shouldn’t be endorsing the American Taliban and our pro-torture President just because they’ve cut taxes for oil company CEOs. But I can’t help thinking . . . what took you so long? (That’s a rhetorical you – I doubt anyone reading this is going to disagree with me.) And I can’t help feeling that it wasn’t illegal and immoral war, endless corruption, disregard for common decency or blind arrogance and willful stupidity that did them in; it was some horndog Congressman sending naughty IMs to barely legal page boys.

I can’t even take much consolation in Rumsfeld’s hasty yet overdue departure. Here’s what I e-mailed the friend who first told me the news:

Too little too late. He's going off to some cushy job in a think-tank or some corporation and he's taking his pension with him and he's not going to have to worry about money or employment or health insurance for the rest of his life. The consequences of his idiocy and arrogance will be suffered by others while he goes golfing. His good reputation, insofar as he had one at all, will in a few years be sunk anyway in the general filth of this corrupt administration.

The Republicans should be grateful that Bush’s war is creating the next generation of terrorists. They have nothing else to offer to anyone who isn’t already wealthy. Just when the Communists were fading into irrelevance, we have a new stick with which to beat anyone who thinks there might be solutions that don’t involve massive expenditures to defense contractors.
Cavafy was right.

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