02 June 2015

Tomato Tuesday 2015/4

This may be the only time I actually take the photographs and write the entry on Tuesday.

The weather has continued to be cool and overcast. Yesterday San Francisco sidewalks were actually slick with drizzle, so that was a bit unexpected as well as slippery, though I doubt it did much to relieve the drought. Afternoons have mostly been sunnier, and even on the warm side, though cool if you're in the shade. It's been quite windy as well. It tends to be warmer and sunnier here in the east bay than in San Francisco, though San Leandro is on the water so it's still cooler than towns farther in from the coast. It's now late morning and the sun is starting to come out. Maybe I should have waited to take the photographs!

I continue with the limited watering: every two or three days, sometimes using the "warming up" water saved in a bucket from the shower. Again, Michael Pollan is on the left and Cherokee Purple is on the right.

Here is a solo shot of Michael Pollan, now 13 1/2 inches high (up from 11 inches last week, and again, this is measuring from the dirt line up to the top of the main stem). He's turning out to be a slender fellow.

Still no blossoms, but since last week a cluster of about seventeen little buds has developed. Some are still so tiny it's hard to tell whether to count them yet.

And below is a solo shot of Cherokee Purple. It is now twelve inches high, up from 11 1/2 inches last week. So it's not shooting up the way Michael Pollan is, but it does seem to be developing into a bushier plant with thicker stems, so the growth is happening, but in a different direction.

No new blossoms, but the seven from last week are starting to wither. Tomatoes on the way!

Despite the cool weather and the reduced water, things are growing. Take a look at the heirloom lettuce today and compare it to last week's photo:

Here's a random rose for this week. This is Ebbtide, which produces these beautiful dark red-purple roses. But it's quite low to the ground in an odd way, as if we're getting full-size roses on a dwarf plant.

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