15 November 2010

Haiku 2010/319

O fleeting moment:
what a relief you're going.
Beat it, moment. Scram!


Sibyl said...

NOW you're talking (your haiku about the black branch/bright moon nexus was actually sublime, btw). It's Mattila night tonight, tomorrow my husband comes home from two weeks in Holland with the cheese I requested. Why does life throw all the good things into one week? You seen Makropolous yet?

Patrick J. Vaz said...

haha! I knew you meant the scram haiku before I even checked.

Makropulos tonight! I'm in C123 in the orchestra

Sibyl said...

I didn't see your post about your seat before we left for SF, else I certainly would've stopped by (though I think I'm much better in writing than in person). I was up in the gods again, but no jumbotron this time. I await your review of the evening with anticipation and a 3 LB gouda (and how many of your other faithful readers can say that?).