17 October 2010

Haiku 2010/290

the first raindrops fell
as the last leaf was swept up --
I must use my time


Sibyl said...

So I have to commend you for keeping up the haiku. We used to do impromptu haiku at dinner all the time, but because my haiku were always caustic we eventually stopped ("you are dead to me" as a final line has now passed into family legend). I *love* your latest effort: "I must use my time." Indeed.

pjwv said...

Thank you for reading, and I'm glad you like that latest one and saw the point. I rarely know how people respond to these, or who reads them -- even with Google stats and Statcounter, it's all sort of a mystery from my point of view.

I only wish I had thought of "you are dead to me" first! So what were the other lines? Caustic is an interesting effect to achieve in haiku, because the form and its traditions pull you in the more elegiac, fleeting-moment directions. So I try to write funny ones when I can, though it's always possible I'm the only one who thinks they're funny.