16 October 2010

Haiku 2010/289

(Check out Civic Center's entry on the new exhibit of Japanese screens at the Asian Art Museum, which includes the following anecdote from the Saint Louis Art Museum website:
"Scattering fans is associated with the art and culture of the ancient capital Kyoto and a particular outing of aristocrats and ladies along the scenic mountains of Arashiyama. As the procession crossed the Sugagawa River near Tenryuji Temple, the fan of a young courtier was caught by a sudden gust of wind and drifted down into the waters below. Delighted and inspired by the beautiful and poignant image, others threw their fans over the bridge to watch them float on the breeze into the flowing stream.")

I too tossed my fan:
lovelier on the waves was
the one the wind seized


Ms. Baker said...

Lovely haiku and thanks for the link, too. It made me want to visit this exhibit.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Let's go!

Civic Center said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed that anecdote. While reading it, my first thought was "now THIS is a refined culture." The other nice thing about the show is that there's lovely seating throughout, so you can just hang out with the screens comfortably. Now, if hot tea and sake could be served at the same time, life would indeed be perfect.