20 January 2009

Haiku 20

(Inauguration Day)

Waking up once more
Each sunrise is different
Flags can fly again

OK, sorry if I'm being a little hokey, but we've been waiting eight long years for regime change, and I'm feeling as (temporarily) sunny as the rest of the world.


LFF said...

This is a little more optimistic than I have come to expect-I like how it rounds things out though:)
PS-I feel happy too, cautiously happy, but a little lifted nonetheless.

pjwv said...

I thought I'd go with the happiness, at least for the day. Back to normality all too soon!

I had thought about taking the day off to watch the inauguration, but I saw part of it and I'm glad I ended up not reserving the day because those gasbags on TV need to SHUT UP. A picture is worth a thousand words, but they kept slathering words on -- words obvious, banal, and repetitious. Remember when Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's record? The sportscasters did a great thing -- during the 25-minute ovation in the middle of the 5th, they didn't say anything -- they just let the whole thing speak for itself without the gilding of obvious platitudes.

Rant over. Please resume your normal broadcast day.

vicmarcam said...

We're on day 2 now, and everything still seems good. A rash of excellent decisions happened today and more good ones are promised for the near future.

One of my students made me watch You Tube today. He thought I'd enjoy the Obamas dancing to Beyonce singing "At Last." Indeed it was actually pretty magical, hearing that wonderful song sung very well, seeing the lovely Beyonce who is worshipped by millions fully realizing the honor that has been bestowed upon her, and seeing the handsome first couple. It was even charming that Mr. Obama is not a dancer.

Your sunny feelings are well placed so far.