23 January 2014

Haiku 2014/23

filled with strange sadness
to realize I'm always
filled with strange sadness


Civic Center said...

I'm sorry too.

That may be my favorite haiku of your new series so far.

Taking a one-day sabbatical from the horrors of Silicon Valley to go to San Quentin tomorrow morning for the Sarah Cahill/Henry Cowell concert.

Pray for me, although the first thought when I read your haiku is that I'd rewrite it for myself as "filled with strange happiness/to realize I'm always/filled with strange happiness," although of course the number of syllables is all wrong.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Thank you! I'd attribute the realization reflected here to re-reading Proust, but one thing that's really striking me this time around is how funny he can be. But then I hoped this one would be kind of funny as well as very accurate.

Enjoy the concert -- it should be a fascinating experience. I have had a slow performance month but tomorrow am going to what was supposed to be the Alice Coote recital but which is now the Sasha Cooke recital. I was wondering if you'd be there. I know you dislike recitals but I know you like her.

Yes, the syllables are wrong! Maybe "filled with a strange joy" but it doesn't quite work the same in the third line and I try to avoid using articles as filler syllables. I'll let you work on it -- it's your strange happiness, not mine.

Civic Center said...

The punchline is I don't really care how many syllables there are which may be part of the clue to strange happiness. And oddly enough, Janos has demanded that I be his plus-one tomorrow evening for the Divine Sasha singing everything I disdain such as Art Songs, Lieder and Chansons, but what the hell? See you there.