19 April 2011

Haiku 2011/104-109

There is no silence
as silent as the silence
of angry lovers

and quiet returns
and you stand there listening:
there is no silence

a twig's sudden snap
a dash to new camouflage
and quiet returns

through the dark country
quiet night-time creatures roam:
a twig's sudden snap

take off together
and fly quickly together
through the dark country

from the setting sun
a plane and a flock of birds
take off together


sfmike said...

Love the groovy recurrence in last line/first line as the days plow on. And I'm being completely sincere. Welcome home from le Midwest.

pjwv said...

Thanks. I have wondered if/when anyone noticed/cared that I was doing that. I had assumed your complete sincerity! Though I did have one faithful haiku reader who told me that at first she thought I was just being lazy.

There will be some further Midwest postings in a day or two. . . .