25 September 2009

Haiku 268

Universal truths
Can be told so neatly in
So few syllables


vicmarcam said...


Shushu said...

This fits right in with a book I'm reading, Mathematicians, which has photographs and interviews with 100+ current mathematicians at major universities and think tanks. Some of the things that they have largely in common are remembering their first mathematical memory and seeing mathematics in terms of truth, pure and simple (and few syllables). (It's so abstract to someone like me.)

One interview that amazed me was with a mathematician whose family was involved in politics in France for many generations. He talked about their "fighting life" and disillusionment and went on to say that mathematics appealed to him because once a truth is discovered, it has to enter into reality. Given his age, I have to connect this with WWII.

I hope this makes sense.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

It does make sense, though admittedly I'm on (fairly mild) painkillers.

In fact, I think I will need to take credit for this insight, since this book sounds like the one from Princeton University Press that I e-mailed you about.

Shushu said...

Indeed it is that book! Thank you!