21 February 2009

Haiku 52

Worm in from the rain
Dried to death on my carpet
You kept on crawling


Libby Fife said...

The elevation of the everyday thing. I think this is what I am enjoying the most.

vicmarcam said...

Poor worm. In escaping too wet, it found too dry. And in its death, it didn't get to become part of the food chain.
Then there's the yucky mess on the carpet, too.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Thanks, Libby. It's part of the nature and history of the form that haiku tend to deal with the daily and the transitory. I try to avoid some of the obvious cliches unless I can play off them.

V, It cracks me up that what really gets you is the worm's removal from the food chain. Dare I ask what your future plans are? There really isn't much of a mess on the carpet, by the way -- they're dessicated, so it's not like cleaning up the ex-mice that you've had to deal with.

vicmarcam said...

Haven't I talked to you about my future plans yet? I've told my wishes to Marin and Cameron with the understanding that it may not be possible in California and they should not feel bad if that happens. No embalming, no sealed casket. I want to go straight into the ground the way nature intended. If that doesn't happen, my atoms will return to the Universe eventually anyway, but in a way that won't give energy to living things. The Zoroastrians have the right idea (on that, anyway).