03 January 2008

tidings of comfort and joy

Oh my goodness. I woke up New Year’s Day to find the house a complete mess, with empty beer bottles filling up the recycling bin and the trash overflowing onto the filthy kitchen floor and a half-empty bottle of wine still on the kitchen counter forming a sordid still life among teetering piles of dirty dishes and promiscuously scattered shirts and pants and other shocking garments tossed both on the couch and on my bedroom floor which was also littered with fallen comforters and quilts and stacks of books looming up like trees from the undergrowth of old papers and magazines with odd clusters of random CDs and DVDs popping up here and there like mushrooms amid decay and damp, and all I can remember of the last few hours of the late year is a rowdy sailor and a big fight and then black silence and oblivion for hours.

In other words, I fell asleep well before midnight while watching Popeye cartoons (love those Fleischer brothers! remember – if it could really happen, it’s not animation!), and I woke to find myself still a schlub with a headcold who desperately needs to clean his house. And it wouldn’t hurt me to make like Popeye and eat more spinach, either. I had skipped most holiday traditions this year, even my usual New Year’s Eve viewing of Fight Club, and apparently my neighbors were in a similar mood, since midnight passed without firecrackers or gun shots to wake me. So although the arbitrary divisions of the year have given way, it’s business as usual here at The Reverberate Hills.

Except for one bright shiny new thing! Vicki, who persuaded me to start a blog almost two years ago, allowed me to return the favor and persuade her to start one of her own. I even gave her a blog title and a series of suggested topics, but I can tell she was already ripe for blogging since I came up with a different blog title that might be even better but she had already jumped in. And I can pretty much guarantee that there will be, at some point, cockapoo pictures of an almost sinister adorability. So slide on over to the blogroll and check out Christmas in July. (In case you’re wondering what the second title I came up with was, it was Sensible Shoes. I don’t know – what do you think?)


vicmarcam said...

Who knew I would enjoy keeping a blog this much? Thanks for the idea and for the mention.
Are there any exceptions to the if it could not happen it's not animation rule?

pjwv said...

No exceptions!!!! Uh, well, actually . . . under your daughter's influence, I've seen a few episodes of King of the Hill, and I to a large extent retract my previous criticisms (which, in case you've forgotten, had to do with the drawing style and the character of Peggy Hill). I have really liked the episodes I've seen recently. But given how labor-intensive animation is, I wonder why they don't just do the show with live actors. That's one of my objections to computer animation too -- they're still at the point where they're trying to make things look realistic, so they avoid the things that animation does really well. And they all have that fake shiny plastic look.
I still hate all the Hanna-Barbera series, in case you're wondering.