30 January 2008

High School Musical!

I was in the middle of preparing a long entry detailing my disappointment in San Francisco Opera's upcoming season, when I did get some good operatic news (and let me express due gratitude to David Gockley for first staging the work in Houston back in 1987): this coming July, plucky local upstart Trinity Lyric Opera is presenting the (let me make sure I have all the qualifiers in place) northern California staged premiere of Nixon in China! (The exclamation point indicates my excitement; it's not an integral part of the title, indicative of general kickiness.)

And get this: it's at my old high school. Not in the cafeteria where they used to stage the annual spring musical (and I was already objecting to the body mikes back then), but in the brand spanking semi-new Castro Valley Center for the Performing Arts, at Castro Valley High School, where, I regret to say, they did not raise the weak above the strong, though I did learn that to be a grain of sand in Heaven's eye is to taste eternal joy. It's easily accessible on BART. I've already bought tickets to both Friday performances.

From the scorched earth
People step forth
Over dead wood
And over the dead:
Follow their lead!

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