07 October 2016

update: continuing problems

I have a spiffy new computer, but now my home Internet service is bombing out regularly and I go days without being able to get any kind of connection. I have contacted AT&T and I can already tell this is going to be an ordeal. I hope to resume regular posting soon. In the meantime, deepest thanks to those who keep checking back.

16 October update: So I now have a spiffy new modem from AT&T, and I know I set it up correctly because I am getting occasional connectivity, but . . . I'm still bombing out a lot. Back to the drawing board for me (or for AT&T), and I hope to be back soon.


Michael Strickland said...

Oh, dear. The Fates do not seem to want you on the intertubes right now. I'm sure there is some important, metaphysical reason for this.

Eric Pease said...

We had horrific connection problems with Comcast Internet for most of 2015. We ditched them in January for local ISP, Monkeybrains. $35 per month. They do have to put a microwave antenna on your roof but we've been very, very happy with their service now for 10 months and even happier to cut the comcast cord and save some dollars every month. I can recommend Monkeybrains for cheap and dependable internet access.