12 May 2015

Tomato Tuesday 2015 0/1

Not sure how well this is going to work out, what with year four of the worsening drought among other things, but I thought I'd track the summer progress of some of my tomatoes.

First come the pots filled with compost (including the remains of last year's tomato plants, which seems sort of cannibalistic, but I guess that's just The Circle of Life).

These are the two I'm going to track (out of, currently, ten or so, including a couple of volunteers from last year that sprouted in one of the pots – now there's your Circle of Life!). The one on the left is a new variety named after food philosopher Michael Pollan. I usually only buy heirloom plants, heirloom being one of those terms like collected works that make me grab for my credit card, but I could not resist a Michael Pollan tomato. The one on the right is an heirloom variety, Cherokee Purple.

I'm also realizing it's a bit difficult to see them against the background, but I assume given the drought that that will soon be dull gold. This is also going to be an experiment in taking photographs. Expect Monet-like experiments with different light effects.

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