08 January 2013

for those wondering

cherry blossoms drop
and absence makes hearts fonder:
haiku hiatus

After posting at least one haiku a day for the past four years I felt I needed a break from the 17-syllable treadmill; after nearly 1500 of them I felt the bucket was clanking down and down in the well and not coming up with much fresh water (though I never know how these things come across to those not living in my head, so I hope I was the only one feeling that way). I may resume them at some point, since obviously I like the form. In the meantime, for those who come here for poetry, I have started a Poem of the Week, and I am planning to post a daily poem during National Poetry Month, the way I did last April. And I will of course continue to post on my continuing adventures in cultural consumption; sadly, since I have a list of about forty entries I mean to write (including my thoughts on posting late, which I've been meaning to do for a while), and new stuff looming on the horizon, taking a break from haiku won't help me there at all, since I write the two things in different ways. Such is life.

Deepest thanks once again to everyone who has read some or all of the haiku (or anything else I've posted here). I hope you've enjoyed them, and please continue to visit.


Sibyl said...

A little bereft,
grace note from my day removed.
But it's your darn life.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I wish I could feel
my time is better spent now
than writing haiku

Well, as I said, I might resume the daily haiku at some point. But I felt a definite need to recharge. Thank you so much for reading and for your always thoughtful and interesting comments.