03 December 2012

Haiku 2012/338

spider on the wall:
are you patient, or cunning,
or just a spider?


Axel Feldheim said...

So pleased to see you quoted in Opera Parallele's press release!

Perhaps patience, cunning, & spider are not mutually exclusive options.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Thank you! I guess I should read that press release!

It's very nice that at least one opera company around here acknowledges my existence.

(I should probably say that was meant to be a joke.)

Patience, cunning, and spider aren't mutually exclusive, indeed . . . I was thinking more about how we tend to attribute feelings and motivations to non-human animals when we really have no clue what's going on in their little brains, and little enough clue about our own, and we often invent little stories when nothing is there. Maybe I should rethink this one? Maybe I should clean my house more often so I'm not constantly running into cobwebs?