01 November 2008


You will notice a little different look here. I switched to a glam new template, and one unintended result was that I lost the former blogroll. I have re-created it as best I could, but feel free to send me your blog address if you want me to add it; omissions are accidents. I couldn't find some of the URLs when I decided I'd already spent too much time redecorating the blog rather than actually posting in it. Though I have no doubt I will play with the fonts some more, since I like that sort of thing.

And I disclaim any responsibility for blogger's use of begining articles in alphabetizing. If anyone knows how to get around that, please let me know.


Civic Center said...

Love your new look and am so thrilled that I'm still on "My Blog List." I'm even more excited that I've been visited (presumably by you) only "11 hours ago." However, poor "Christmas in July" hasn't had a visit since 5 weeks ago which somehow makes me feel guilty. I've never seen this feature before, you revolutionary. It's sort of a whole new version of being My Friend on a social networking site or an I Like on a sexual dating site.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Actually, the times below the blogs tell you when that blog was last updated, not when it was last visited. So it stands there as a rebuke to me for not posting, because I need more guilt-inducements in my life.

It was my attempt to add this thrilling new feature that led to the whole template revamp, since I was using an old template that's being left in the dust by blogger.com's fancy new changes.

And don't feel so sorry for Christmas in July. I had dinner with her tonight. She's doing fine.

Civic Center said...

Thanks for the clarification. I no longer feel guilt, only pride, in my up-to-the-minute updating.