30 October 2006

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I have actually managed to figure out how to post links. Yes, I know most people set those up the first day. Minimalist or moron? Luddite or lame-ass? These are really more koans than questions. To distract yourself while you try to figure out the sound of one hand clapping, mosey on over to the right side of the page to check out the following:

A long-overdue link to The Standing Room (Singing and Parking in San Francisco). What with the singing, the parking, and the standing, three activities in which my skills are well below the acceptable, I am dazzled and can only tip my Red Sox cap in that direction.

And another Shakespeare-named blog, Lisa Hirsch’s The Iron Tongue of Midnight; muchas gracias for the linkage. You can also find Lisa at sfcv.org, the San Francisco Classical Voice.

And a shout-out to basso profundo Campbell Vertesi, who stumbled onto my blog and sent me a nice note this weekend. Someone out here please hire this guy so I can hear him sing. Also, it looks as if Campbell is getting married soon, so best wishes for a long and happy life together to Campbell and Bryn.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled browsing.

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