22 August 2006

Bayreuth 10

The Ring ticket exchange last night went off smoothly, which is great, because that's the kind of thing that freaks me out. It helped that earlier I had met some of the people I was to be looking for. I think my seats for the next two are in the very back of the house, or at least close to it. That's still fairly close, but not as close as I'd like. I was in row 8 for Rheingold, but in the first seat on the left side of the house so that I couldn't see a few things staged on the far left. I did get to stick my left foot out into the aisle, which gave me some more room. There was also a noticeable effect on the sound when the singers were on the far left. My best seat was my first, for Parsifal, in the third row, so that spoiled me.
All over town are statues of Wagner's dog Russe. Most of them are black but I've seen a few painted gold and they show up all over, in windows and parks and driveways. Russe is buried right by Cosima and Richard behind Wahnfried. Flowers have been left at his grave as well as theirs. I was walking around that park yesterday and a short squat German woman started saying something that I soon realized was meant for her dog, not me. I think she was calling him. He ignored her completely and kept trotting ahead. He looked like a dachschaund only covered with longish black fur.
Another thing I've noticed a lot of around town: psychologists's offices. I guess that figures.
(Note for V: it's Wednesday, so I hope you have something fun to do instead, like eat my heirloom tomatoes. Enjoy the costume descriptions!)

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