03 April 2006

blogs I read (and one that reads me!)

I know it's customary to provide links to one's favored blogs, but (1) I'm not sure how to do that yet and (2) I hate to sound like Miss Manners in the mosh pit, but it seems like the blogosphere equivalent of social climbing.
So here's what I look at on a frequent basis: for non-music matters, the Comics Curmudgeon at joshreads.com, who has dragged me back into reading comics I had given up on. For music, I start with therestisnoise.com, the blog by Alex Ross, music critic of the New Yorker. Not only do you get his commentaries, but it's a gateway blog: click on music blogs on the right-hand side and there's a cornucopia of riches, some of which, I will admit, is technically beyond me, since I am a humble listener rather than a performer. The ones I usually check in there are: vilaine fille (great stuff on Judaism as well as music), Kyle Gann, La Cieca, Maury D'annato (which I started reading once I got the name -- Tosca, Act 2, is your hint), Sieglinde's Diaries, and the Well Sungs. And one I started reading before I started reading therestisnoise is The Standing Room, also located here in the Bay Area. Big thrill for me to see myself listed in Blagues du Jour! My first listing! Thanks! And I'll link you up once I read the instructions. . . .

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